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Real-life Events

  • 2021
    • Released:
      • VTM: The Chicago Folios VTT Assets Buy it from DriveThruRPG!

World of Darkness Events

Trinity Universe Events

  • 2004
    • In a New York Times editorial about yesterday's announcement, the author claims that the UN claiming authority over something as nebulous as technological advancement, let alone handing that authority to a private agency, not only violates UN regulations, but established international law.[2]
  • 2120
    • Kirsti Halonen of the Kuopio Integrated Neurochemistry Project sends an OpMail to her "big sister" Antonia Felostino of the Northern Europe Research Office. Halonen has been feeling out of place, not sure of the idea of objective detachment works for her. However, her boss Wahlbergstrom won't give her a leave of absence, so she can either quit or get fired.[7]


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