Real-life Events Edit

Chronicles of Darkness Events Edit

  • 2012
    • Jon sends a typewritten letter to Gina, recounting his time outside of the hospital, running into an odd, old patchwork woman who was following him because he "looks like a William."[1]
    • Mary writes a letter to "William" about how wonderful it was to see him again, right when and where the clockwork angel told her to.[2]

Classic World of Darkness Events Edit

  • 1989
    • Andrew Greene is subjected to a harrowing series of interviews with what seems like every biologist on the planet. He also meets two of his fellow students, "Steven" (likely Awakened) and "Diane" (who doesn't seem to be "in" on the secret).[4]

Trinity Universe Events Edit

  • 2008
    • Default start date for the Aberrant setting. There are approximately 40 Aberrants worldwide, all either in deep cover or in hiding. To date, neither Corbin nor Rousseau has been brought to justice, and the identity of Slider's assassin remains a mystery.[8]
    • Sato Tanaka, owner of Genyo Products, is found in his home with signs of forced entry. Mr. Tanaka is found in a psychotic state, believing to be part of a pod of whales.[9]
  • 2012
    • Today's London Times features articles about a nightclub shooting where seven people are killed, and a society ball attended by London Fog which helped raise £2 million for low-income housing.[10]

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