Classic World of Darkness Events Edit

  • 1999
    • Dr. Winston Brown has spent the last few days in the hotel bar, chatting with Ea about Babylon. He's transcribed a few of the less-powerful rituals and has sent them off to everyone to whom he owes a favour. The two of them are going back to the States to show Ea the sights, starting with New Orleans, up through the middle of the country, and off to California. As they pass through Kansas, Brown will have a few tricks up his sleeve for Grandma.[1]
  • 2003
    • Six-year-old Valerie Mason has been missing for the last 72 hours, after allegedly being abducted during church services in suburban Boston. "She ran into the vestry during Mass," said 26-year-old single mother Anna Mason, "and I chased after her to stop her." Ms. Mason then related that an "angel" flew in through a stained glass window to "take her little girl to Heaven." Ms. Mason has refused to answer any further questions from police, claiming that Valerie is "with the angels now." Search for the missing child continues. The mother has been admitted to Harborview Psychiatric Facility for psychological evaluation.[2]

Trinity Universe Events Edit

References Edit

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