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Real-life Events

Classic World of Darkness Events

  • 1605
    • Dmitriy I, son of Ivan IV and a Silver Fang kinfolk, is crowned Czar. He is very favorable to the West, particularly Poland. He is secretly Catholic, and his marriage to Marina Mniszech, a Polish noblewoman, upsets Orthodox Clergy. Silver Fangs are baffled until they discover that he has become bloodbound to a Polish Tzimisce.[2]
  • 1655
    • The gateway to the Euthanatos subrealm in Horizon's Council Chambers is observed and recorded by parties unknown.[3]

Trinity Universe Events

  • 1924
    • Dr. Primoris reflects, in his journal, on the three types of super-science invention: advancements (extrapolations of conventional science), innovations (which mimic the effects of Inspired knacks), and those that serve only as crutches for their wielder's own Inspired powers.[9]


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