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Julian Spence was the Sons of Ether representative to the Council of Nine Mystic Traditions before the Reckoning.


Julian Spence Awakened when he constructed an Etheric Biotransmodulator in his parents' apartment, causing their favorite ottoman to dematerialize, crash through three floors and splinter into pieces on the cellar steps. The Spences were convinced Julian had tossed it downstairs and to avoid having to discipline the young would-be genius, they promptly sent him off to be tutored by the (unknown to them) great Etherite Dr. Solomon Hale, then a member of the Conventions.

Since then, Dr. Julian Spence has won great acclaim among his colleagues for "finding" the Virtual Adepts and helping to usher them into the Traditions in 1961, as well as for his experiments on Matter fluctuation through the Realms. In a rush of enthusiasm, the Sons of Ether elected Spence to the Council as the authority in that Sphere, not realizing that, because of his shyness, Spence is much better off sitting on a lab bench than on a Seat of Matter. Sadly, he has never married, nor entered a serious relationship with a woman. Thus, he cannot hope to understand them, and scratches his head in disbelief when they refuse to behave according to predictable patterns. Despite his shortcomings, however, Spence has proved a stabilizing force for the many visions at the Table, often inadvertently soothing over bruised egos with odd, unexpected statements or more practical solutions than those proposed by the visionaries.


Dr. Spence is an eccentric Englishman, precisely 5'10" and 155 pounds. His apparent age 35; his real age is unknown. Spence wears his brown hair in an unkempt mass and he sports both a goatee and a mustache. He dresses anachronistically in Victorian manner, with dark velvet vests, jacket, crushed top hat, cane; in his lab, and wears a white captain's shirt, half-tucked into his pants and rolled up at the sleeves. At Council meetings, he appears distracted, often as if pulled out of an experiment.