Julian Cerialis, the second Prince of Eboracum, was a 5th generation Ventrue who sired Dorian, Thrand, and John de York during the Dark Ages.


Julian was Embraced early in the 3rd century CE by the prince of Eboracum, which would one day become York. His years serving his sire and learning the intrigues of the Roman government instilled in him a near limitless patience and tireless resolve.

After Constantine was baptized into the Church in 306, Julian plotted against his sire and beheaded the methuselah personally, thus assuming control over the city. As the Roman Empire lost its hold on Britain, Julian foolishly Embraced a promising Roman warrior named Dorian who longed to return to the continent. Within a decade, the imperial government collapsed, Dorian fled with the retreating armies, and Julian was driven into torpor by younger Cainites who blamed him for the increasing political disorder.

Julian twice regained control over the city, first in the 9th century with the help of the Danish warrior Thrand (who later sired Katla Thranddottir and forced Julian into exile), and again in the 11th century with the assistance of the Norman captain John (who eventually betrayed Julian to Final Death). Julian's bloodline continues in York through Katla and John, and through Evelyn de Rocherre, John's seneschal, who is three generations removed from Dorian.


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