The Judges are protectors of those of Jewish faith from the monsters that stalk the night. They act in a similar manner to the Society of Leopold.


Drawing their name and their traditions from the biblical Judges, they fight against what they perceive as the brood of Lilith. They use the Torah and a special version of the Talmud as their resources for their fight against the unnatural. Due to the low Jewish percentage in most countries, the Judges operate in small groups without central coordination.

The Judges tend to ignore mages; infernalists, shapechangers and vampires are their true targets. The Judges has recently come into renewed conflict with Anatolian Bahari cults and Sabbat packs following the Path of Lilith at the Mexican border.


Originally, most Judges were lone wolves against the creatures of darkness, focusing to protect one specific community, the foundation of Israel has given the Judges a far more efficient and organized network of hunters, with a hierarchy centered in Tel Aviv. They have even received covert government sanction from Israel, and receive monetary aid and religious support both in the Middle East and from the Rabbinical Council of America. The organization has grown large enough to subdivide into specialties, including Kabbalists, information and intelligence-gathering agents, scouts and covert strike units, and heavily-armed soldiers.

Some Judges, however, refuse to take part of it, believing the new organization a ruse of their enemies to concentrate them at one point to move against them.


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