Jonathan Tweet (born 1965) is an American game designer from Rock Island, Illinois who has been involved in the development of the role-playing games Ars Magica, Everway, Over the Edge, Talislanta, the third edition of Dungeons & Dragons and 13th Age, and the Collectible Miniatures Game Dreamblade. He and Mark Rein-Hagen formed Lion Rampant Games in 1987 and co-designed Ars Magica, but Tweet left the company in 1989 before its merger with White Wolf Magazine. He was lead designer for Dungeons & Dragons Third Edition, which became the basis of the d20 system.

Tweet is also the author of Grandmother Fish, a children's book that explains evolution to preschoolers.

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  • 1990: ArM: The Order of Hermes - Jonathan "What do you mean the disk I sent you was blank" Tweet, for putting together and excellent manuscript and finishing a product that was on the drawing board for two years.
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