Joe "Boot" Hill was an Assamite antitribu Dominion of the Black Hand stationed near Mexico City before the Sixth Maelstrom and during Samuel Haights ascent to power.


Originally a texan gunslinger from the Wild West, Joe met his sire on a road, where he was so annoyed by him and his constant tries to involve him into an argument that he shot him. After his sire rose again and chided Joe for shooting at unarmed people in the middle of a conversation, Joe lost his temper and proceded on shooting the strange man in front of him, until Bernad del Gabo lost his temper and tied Joe behind his horse and dragged about half a mile through the landscape. after that, he fed him with his vitae, telling him that he would return after his wounds would have been healed. Afterwards, he embraced Joe and gave him the Creation Rites. Today, Joe acts as a Black Hand Dominion, having fought his way up in the Sabbat. He believes in the old laws of the West and still maintains a ghouled horse retainer. The Sabbat within Mexico fears his wrath (the monicker "Boot" is a result of his admirable use of his own against troublemakers) and he is very fond of hunting werewolves.

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