Joaquín Murietta is a Toreador vampire infamous in California as a mass murderer. He has served his sire Christopher Houghton as a hit man from the moment he was Embraced.


Much of Joaquín's past is based on legends, but he was a desperado in the California territory during the the mid-1800s. He garnered an atrocious amount of kills to his name, and it became apparent he was a threat to the territory. As the populace of the territory began to rally together to find and kill him, Joaquín was approached by Christopher Houghton, the recently exiled Toreador of Boston. Houghton offered him the Embrace, which Joaquín immediately accepted.

Now a vampire, Joaquín staged his own death to calm the mobs and free himself of any future retribution for his mortal crimes. Free and a creature of the night, Joaquín has been with Christopher since his Embrace. Blood bound to Houghton, Joaquín has traveled the world and is now adept at the skill of murder to better serve his master.

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Joaquín has no qualms about killing, and usually does so with a smile on his face. Apart from his murdering tendencies, he is quite charming and seemingly happy.

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For the historical figure, see Joaquín Murrieta.

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