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Jo Wu is a Glass Walker Philodox of the Homid breed who resides in Hong Kong.  She is the Alpha of the Sept of the Council for Universal Trade.


Jo Wu was born in Hong Kong and she quickly made a name for herself in business.  She promoted environmentally safe and useful products and friendly environmental power that earned her a healthy respect from the Sept of the Council for Universal Trade and eventually became its leader.

She has encouraged growth in business harmoniously, investing in new technology that spearhead balance and husbandry of natural resources. She has been criticized for her support of the Hong Kong / China reunification.  Her detractors have often said the over-stressed Chinese economy will drain Hong Kong’s resources.  This has yet to happen but China has big plans for its black sheep.

Wu agrees that the land is sick and can only be healed from the inside and with holistic means rather than radical surgery.  The vitality of Hong Kong’s economy and the Council for Universal Trade's hand in it is what Wu argues and sees will be essential for the health of the Middle Kingdom.


Jo Wu sports the dress and manners of a Western corporate executive.  She dresses conservatively in power suits and tasteful jewelry and projects an aura of assertive self-confidence.  She ignores the inherent bias against women in business that still exists in Hong Kong and by sheer force of will inspires the respect of those around her.


Jo Wu, Limitless Hard Drive
Breed: Homid
Auspice: Philodox
Nature: Alpha
Demeanor: Alpha
Physical: Strength: 2 (4/6/5/3), Dexterity: 4 (4/5/6/6), Stamina: 2 (4/5/5/5)
Social: Charisma: 2, Manipulation: 5 (4/2/2/2), Appearance: 3 (2/0/3/3)
Mental: Perception: 4, Intelligence: 4, Wits: 4
Abilities: Alertness: 2, Computer: 3, Empathy: 3, Enigmas: 2, Etiquette: 5, Expression: 4, Firearms: 2, Intimidation: 3, Investigation: 1, Law: 4, Leadership: 5, Linguistics (English): 1, Medicine: 2, Melee: 3, Performance: 4, Politics (Global Trade): 4, Primal-Urge: 3, Repair: 3, Rituals: 2, Subterfuge: 3
Backgrounds: Allies: 5, Contacts: 4, Kinfolk: 3, Pack Totem (The Smiling Happy Buddha): 5, Resources: 5
Gifts: (1) Persuasion, Scent of True Form, Smell of Man, Truth of Gaia (2) Jam Technology, Strength of Purpose (3) Cybersense, Tongues, Wisdom of the Ancient Ways (4) Scent From Beyond (5) Geas, Summon Netspiders
Rank: 5
Rage: 3
Gnosis: 6
Willpower: 10
Rites: Gathering of the Departed, Moot Rite, Rite of Contrition, Rite of Cleansing, Rite of the Opened Caern, Rite of Talisman Dedication, Rite of Wounding
Fetish: Coin of Wealth, Dream Trap, Loon’s Refund
Merit: Corporation CEO


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