Jiruna is a Sluagh from the Kingdom of Willows.

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Matriarch to a settlement of sluagh in western Kentucky, Jiruna found and developed their freehold: a series of isolated caverns leading off from the famous Mammoth Caves. The crawlers of the Freehold of the Mammoth are allied to no one but their enigmatic matriarch. Jiruna, who went deaf shortly after her birth, does not suffer from the sluagh aversion to loud noises but she is very badly affected by bright light. She has taught other members of the community sign language, which they prefer to speech. This group of underfolk have constructed abodes similar to those used by the Pueblo cliff dwellers and occasionally sell their red and black decorated pottery in craft shops in Elizabethtown.

A few other Kithain know of the freehold's existence and venture there to learn secrets that are known nowhere else in Concordia. One such customer is Kerry Dunwood, acting duchess of the Ozarks. The commoner noble relies on Jiruna's intelligence reports to keep her informed of goings-on throughout the Kingdom of Willows.

Some say Jiruna dreams the secrets as compensation for her deafness; others say that she may be deaf, but she has ears everywhere. No secret is safe if Jiruna wants to know it.

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