A small clan with origins debated by those few kindred that know of them, Jiang Shi are vampires that were created by "replacing the blood of an ordinary person with the blood of one extraordinarily pure". Said Jiang Shi can usually tell by simply tasting a given kine's blood if they are suitable. This process generally means two must die for a single Phantom to be born, though the blood need not be fresh or from a living donor. Their bite is always numbingly cold, never causing the euphoric state that other kindred enact when feeding. They can return to their grave through sheer force of will, wherever they are in the world, but become more corpse-like when low on Vitae. When in this state, a mold-like substance appears over patches of skin, causing a faint numbing effect akin to their bite when touched.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

In China Jiang Shi, or goeng-si, are mythological beings whose name roughly translates to "hopping" corpse or vampire. Korea and Japan have similar translations, those of gangshi and kyonshī respectively.

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