Jezebel Lee is an apprentice of Gawain Alexander of the Order of Hermes. Unlike Alexander, she has some knowledge of the Spirit sphere.

In February 2003, on the advice of the Rogue Council, Alexander and Lee traveled to Italy and infiltrated an archaeological dig lead by Drs. Massimo Pallottino and Lucrezia della Passaglia. The dig uncovered a tomb dating back to the fourth century BCE, sealed with a Latin inscription and symbols that resembled Hermetic magic. Alexander and della Passaglia persuaded Pallottino not to open the tomb immediately, but Lee suspected Pallottino's motives and decided to shadow his apprentice. When Pallottino returned to the dig that night, Lee called Alexander and they pursued.

Thanks to Lee's knowledge of Spirit magic, she noticed the many Spectres surrounding the dig and was able to raise a protective barrier against them around herself and Alexander. When they entered the tomb they found an ancient Liche named Larth, who killed Pallottino when he realized he had allied himself with the "Cult of Mercury." Alexander was able to injure Larth badly with a combination of Forces magic and a high-caliber handgun, and Lee forced the liche through a portal into the Dark Umbra, which closed behind him.

Lee had to help Alexander back to their hotel due to the Paradox backlash. She took dictation from him as he completed his journal for their colleague, Dr. Marcus Jackson, and left to mail the disc to Jackson while Alexander rested. When she returned to the hotel, she learned that Alexander had been abducted by the Panopticon, who also took many of the artifacts and scrolls they had brought back from the tomb. Lee pursued them all the way to Turkey, but after two weeks she was forced to return to the US alone.

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