Jeu are the Seemings of the Inanimae.

Overview Edit

Unlike the Kithain whose seemings are based on the age at which they Chrysalis, the Jeu of the Inanimae are based on the amount of time they have been active in the waking world. As they are attached to inanimate objects rather than human bodies, they have higher Banality than the other Fae.

Childling Edit

A Childling Inanimae is one who has only just re-awakened and left their fostering. This period generally lasts from 1 to 4 or 5 years and the fae is generally awkward in both mortal and Kithain society because of lack of experience. Many of them are Krofted.

Wilder Edit

A Wilder Inanimae has been active for at least 4 or 5 years and has a general sense of how the worlds of mortals and Kithain work even if they would rather not interact with them. Not yet weighted down by Banality, they are the largest group of active Inanimae.

  • Beginning Glamour: 6
  • Beginning Banality: 4
  • Beginning Willpower: 3
  • Starting Slivers: 3

Grump Edit

An Inanimae is considered a Grump when he or she has managed to avoid Slumber and stay active for many years. This includes a few who even managed to survive the Interregnum. It also included the few who have been active since the Resurgence. Their years of experience mean that they tend to run the Empires and act as emissaries to the Courts of the Changelings.

  • Beginning Glamour: 6
  • Beginning Banality: 6
  • Beginning Willpower: 5
  • Beginning Slivers: 4

References Edit

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