Dr. Jerzy Grabowski was a member of the Aesculapian Order, the direct of the Beaulac Clinic and a key conspiractor in the Huang-Marr Biorg Project.

Grabowski came from and upper-class family in Gdansk and worked at the Montressor Clinic even before Matthieu Zweidler became a Proxy. Grabowski was among the first vitakinetics to be triggered, but he and Zweidler drifted apart as their friendship was strained by different ethical standards. Upon moving to Luna, he became a well-known public figure as director of the largest vitakinetic clinic on the planet.

Grabowski oversaw the Biorg Project's main research facilities. He arranged for psions fresh from the Prometheus Chamber to be put under the knife for research purposes, and when they failed to provide good results, resorted to brainwashing more experienced vitakinetics to "volunteer." These included fellow conspirator Dr. Malachi Ross. Grabowski also authorized the kidnapping of neutral residents for experimentation and organ harvesting. To protect himself and the project, Grabowski had a special bioapp installed that would wipe information about the project from his memory if he were interrogated with Telepathy.

In 2120, Grabowski decided to field test some of the Biorg Project's test subjects by having them excavate new space for the clinic. This resulted in the collapse of Freak Alley, located directly below the clinic, and a significant loss of life. Grabowski also had a confederate inside Linma Telecom warn him about an incoming Aberrant attack on Cantor Station instead of passing the message on to the authorities. Grabowski sent three of his test subjects to Cantor Station to fight the Aberrants, proving the Biorg Project had succeeded in its goal of enhanving psionic powers. However, one of the test subjects was killed and his body recovered by Norca agents, potentially exposing the whole project.

Under orders from Minerva, Grabowski shut down operations at Beaulac and transferred co-conspirators such as Heinrich Mangels and Doris Ashiluna to other facilities. He himself had arranged for a permanent transfer back to Montressor, though he did not plan on publicizing this until after he'd already left Luna. Before his departure, however, Grabowski was detained by agents of Aeon Trinity investigating the Cantor Station incident. Malachi Ross blasted his way into Grabowski's jail cell and brutally murdered him in  revenge before Grabowski could be interrogated in-depth.

Aeon Trinity created a cover story, claiming Grabowski was killed in a decompression accident on his way back to Earth, but the truth of his crimes and the greater Huang-Marr conspiracy eventually filtered into public consciousness.


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