Beaumayn Twins

Duke Jeremy and Count Brendan Beaumayn are twin Seelie Sidhe brothers, presumably Wilders, and the acting heads (High Lords) of House Beaumayn.

Overview Edit

Brendan and Jeremy were the first two of their house to remember themselves and currently act as heads of the House on Earth. They are fraternal twins (with Remy a minute and half older just so you know), and their Chrysalis came early, so they were brought into a freehold while still pretty young. They were both raised to think they were of House Eiluned, as do quite a few others of the house before their true nature finally shines through. Remy was to be the head of the Principality of Jazz when he was old enough and all was right with the world.

Then the revelations came. Lord Vandermere appeared, first innocently as their court magician, then showing his true colors by kidnapping Remy and trying to take over the court as part fo some twisted scheme to locate the Iron Road. With the help of a commoner alliance and several Prodigal allies, though, Brendan managed to thwart his designs and bring Remy home. In the course of the struggles, Brendan began having visions as their true heritage gradually came to the surface. When Remy returned, they abandoned the colors of House Eiluned for the symbol of the dark star. They had to abandon control of the Principality of Jazz in the process, but with the arrival of more members of the house and the recovery of the Marvejols Script, they've definitely had their hands full. Things are improving, but so too is the Caul of Silence tearing, so now they are racing against time to try and brace themselves for the day the rest of the fae remember who they truly are.

Appearance Edit

The two were night and day growing up. Remy's a smokin' blues guitarist; handsome, cool, and good with people. He dresses way better than Brendan does and is never seen without his trademark "blues guy" sunglasses.

Brendan, on the other hand, was the first sidhe to need glasses in decades, can never seem to get his hair to stay the way he likes it, and got hooked on computers early enough to give himself a nice, pasty skin tone.

Remy handles the speeches, diplomacy, and other face-to-face PR work. Brendan takes care of letters, records, strategy, organization, and other fun details like that. It's been a winning combination so far.

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