Jennifer Landers was a member of Team Tomorrow, and "The World's Sweetheart." She was friendly and engaging to everyone, even staying on good terms with André Corbin after he got on Caestus Pax's nerves once too often and was dishonorably removed from T2M.

Powers & Abilities

There is no character sheet for Jennifer "Slider" Landers. These are the things that have been said about her powers.

Storyteller Information

In 2008, while on an espionage mission for T2M, Landers traced one of the Novelty Consulting Inc. middlemen, who had "orders to cooperate" with Pursuer and other notoriously anti-Utopia elites... and found that his paper trail led to Utopia. She decided to investigate and found other strange goings-on within Utopia: evidence that novas were being sterilized, "detention and treatment" at the Bahrain Rashoud facility, Utopia funds going to the groups Utopia opposed in Kashmir. She shared her fears with Corbin, but he largely brushed them off.

Several days later, while on assignment in Calcutta, she wrote Corbin a note, saying that everyone she'd talked to had been either as hostile as he or part of the cover-up. By this time, she'd stumbled upon the name Proteus. She was killed by an unknown assailant with superhuman strength. She opened the door for her killer, suggesting either a friend or a shapeshifter. After he fled her funeral literally in the middle of his eulogy, Corbin was blamed.


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