Jared Shoemaker is a character who appears in Hunter: The Reckoning. Before being contacted by the Messengers, Jared had been arrested on drug-related charges. While in a pharmacy, Jared was Imbued and noticed the man behind him was actually dead. He fought the monster until Carleton Van Wyk came onto the scene. Both men followed the monster but it escaped. After doubting his sanity, Jared contacted Van Wyk and the two hunted down and finished off the creature.

Jared started down the path of the Avenger and fought monsters when he came into contact with them. Eventually he grew tired of the supernatural plaguing humanity and went on TV to reveal the truth. Later when driving he was pulled over by the police and arrested when drugs were found; they had been planted in his car by a wraith. He was convicted and sent to prison, where he started to lose parts of his memory. Fearing for his life he broke out of prison with the help of Carleton and several other hunters, but was fatally wounded and died in Van Wyk's arms.


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