Japheth, sometimes referred to as Japhet or Japeth Cappadocius, was the faithful childe of Cappadocius. He warned his sire never to Embrace the necromancer Augustus Giovanni.

Supposedly, Japheth was diablerised by Claudius Giovanni – although he might be the mysterious figure known as the Capuchin.


Though he is a short, slight man, those who meet him are usually struck dumb by the aura of peace that surrounds him. Japheth was Embraced by the founder of his clan early on (as either his second or third Embrace). He and his childe, Constancia, served as the primary managers of the clan, often cleaning up after problems or providing what little order the clan possessed.

Japheth was ultimately loyal to his sire, and while Lazarus fled to Egypt, Japheth remained always at the founder's side. Despite his misgivings, he arranged the Embrace of Augustus Giovanni, although ensuring that some small part of the Antediluvian's blood (and possibly soul) was stored in a separate vessel before the necromancer's Embrace.

According to the Giovanni, Japheth was diablerized in 1444 CE by Claudius as part of the Conspiracy of Isaac's plan to take over the Cappadocians. However, judging by Unre's biography in Children of the Night, Japheth must have eluded the conspirators and somehow avoided destruction.

20th Anniversary TimelineEdit

Japheth became a wraith following the destruction of his body. Since then, he has amassed enough knowledge of the geography of the Underworld that he rivals even the Ferrymen. As a part of the trio of Cappadocian methuselahs that use the Capuchin identity, he released the Harbingers of Skulls trapped beneath Kaymakli to bring war against the Giovanni.


Japhet may be the Capuchin (suggested by Children of the Night). He might be the same person as Lazarus (suggested by Clanbook: Cappadocian).

Being a powerful methuselah, some suspect that he, not Lamia, was the one to curse the clan Giovanni.

Character SheetEdit

Note: Japheth has a plethora of powers, many which are unique to him. He will not use them in most situations unless necessary.


In the Book of Genesis, Japheth was the third son of Noah.


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