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  • 2004
    • WTOJ broadcasts an intercept from an unknown sender via The author, as per the council’s request, I bent a considerable portion of his efforts of late to the task of getting a hold of Count Tjeby. As the Avenger knows, Tjeby has always been good about heeding both the will and the call of the council, and I had expected this occasion to be no different. After he had grown sure that conventional means would simply not suffice, he endeavored to discern Tjeby's location through mystical means. What he was certainly not prepared for, however, was the utter failure of those means as well. This turn of events leads him to a single, inexorable conclusion: "Our esteemed brother is no longer among the living. This would be no cause for concern, but for the current state of affairs in Duat. If our old friend was indeed forced into a death cycle now — with Neter-khertet the way it is — I fear greatly what may have become of him."[2]

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