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  • 2000
    • This week's Time Magazine has an article on "Utopia Bug Spray: Squashing the Y2K Bug".[3]
  • 2006
    • A nova development progress report at a Project Utopia facility elaborates on some of the difficulties with some newly-erupted novas, particularly those from underprivileged, socially inequitable or "white-trash" upbringings. The author states the case of Marjorie McCannagh, who had an IQ of 60. She was only marginally aware of her surroundings, so her power to sever organic molecular bonds and turn living things into puddles of carbon sludge posed more threat than advantage. Although the author notes that Marjorie was an exception rather than the rule, he recommends continued pursuit of the proposed "M-R lobotomy" treatment.[4]

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