Classic World of Darkness Events Edit

  • 1866
    • The Symposium in Paris, France, is held to recruit scientists for the Electrodyne Engineers. The effort is a failure, as Sir Jarriet says the effort is dangerous to the concepts of Nation and Empire, as expecting scientists of the rebellious United States of America to work with scientists of the British Crown was foolhardy at best. Most of those in attendance leave following the speech. Oddly enough, many consider this event to be the founding of the Convention, and later the Sons of Ether.[6]
  • 1994
    • William Arthur Smith participates in an attack on Greystone Chantry.[9] A mage electrocutes his exoskeleton, short-circuiting his CPU, freeing his mind.[10] Before his thoughts are downloaded for analysis, Smith downloads[11] all available information on Iteration X as a reminder to himself and others that William Smith is more than a mechanical monster, and to apologize for those he has betrayed while within the Technocracy. And to reveal the flaws of Iteration X to anyone capable of opposing them. The report will be printed out and mailed to magazine called Paradigma.[12]

Chronicles of Darkness Events Edit

  • 1863
    • President Lincoln issues the Emancipation Proclamation, freeing all slaves in the Union.[21]
  • 2001
    • At 12:01 AM, the former handler of the artifact secured one year ago is physically aged up to 115 years. Despite being a mere apprentice, he uses multiple Master-level Spells to overpower the guardians of the artifacts, only to putrefy and turn into dust once he touches it. The Mysterium reacts by constructing a special Athaneum called Vault II near Denver.[23]

Trinity Universe Events Edit

  • 2000
    • The Y2K bug hits many of the world's computer systems, causing moderate problems. Power production, airline traffic control, Internet traffic and financial institution computers are the most affected. Utopia-affiliated novas race around the globe to restore (or, in some cases, generate) emergency power and direct what few planes are in the air. Most people notice only that the airlines and banks are shut down for a couple of days, and that Web pages and e-mail have glitches for a few weeks. Y2K becomes Utopia's biggest public-relations windfall since the coming of the novas.[26] (Project Proteus takes advantage of "coding glitches" and "irreparable data-loss" to disappear a few more files into the Babel Dossier.)[27]
  • 2003
    • The N! channel debuts on cable and satellite systems in 47 countries. A spinoff of the E! channel, N! is dedicated solely to the activities of novas. Among other features, it includes biographies of popular novas, quasi-scientific explorations of nova abilities and physiology, nova sports, and nova-related news from around the world. By April, N! becomes the highest-rated channel ever.[29]
  • 2100
    • The President of Luna announces her "Bill of Rights." Unauthorized murder, any attempt to cause permanent harm, and damaging the structure or community of the Pit are all considered illegal. The President additionally gets a 5% cut of any transaction. Theoretically anything else is legal.[33]

Notes Edit

The 2007 entry regarding the sending of novas to the Moon is composed of two entries: The Aberrant Rulebook lists the nova as Janos Karagian, while Aberrant: Project Utopia lists it as Janice Karagian. Although one of these entries is likely an error, we have included both entries here, assuming Janos and Janice are either a brother-and-sister or husband-and-wife team. Since they're both capable of withstanding the pressures of space, and their names are quite similar, they may be twins.

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