Janek Ritka is the Voivode of Kokorin Castle since the 15th century and a staunch member of the Old Clan Tzimisce.


Janek is an elder of the Old Clan Tzimisce who had survived the Inquisition, the Anarch Revolt, and the formation of the blasphemous Sabbat, among the last of its fiendish lineage to maintain the strict traditions of the past and safeguard them from the constant threat of revolution and obsolescence.

Not only had Janek succeeded in standing firm in the face of threats endemic to Kindred society, but had managed to hold onto its personal demesne despite the political and cultural instability that had tormented the traditional lands of Bohemia for the past six centuries. The Old Clan had long been rife with infighting, given its solitary, feudal outlook, and Janek’s interests had long been distracted by a rivalry with the rival Fiend Michal Albertus Staniewski.

An agreement of non-interference and aid against against the Sabbat with the local Camarilla ensured his solitude and when the Germans invaded his homeland, Ritka used his command of Koldunic Sorcery to turn the very elements against them when they threatened his castle. Using the Communistic regime to ensure his dominance over his castle, Ritka cultivated a network of agents within the political scene that he changed when the tides turned against the Communists with the help of his childe Jaromir Cerny.

By now, Ritka continues to protect his demesne from outside influence, aloof of mortal and Kindred politics alike.

Ritka's skin is sunken and deathly pale, yet hideously criss-crossed here and there with black veins that stood out in an alien fashion, his hair is long and dark, standing out in starkest contrast to face, mouth is small, twisted into a cruel smile, and ears seemed oddly long, and his eyes are as the mouth of a volcano.


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