Jane Kennedy is a Board Member and major stockholder in the Orpheus Group projection firm. She was also one of the company's first clients when it was JDG Cryogenics.

Kennedy married into the famous Kennedy family, only to divorce her husband in 1982, receiving a generous settlement in the process. She attempted to run for office, but instead found herself facing terminal cancer. Using her settlement, she opted to be cryogenically frozen until a cure could be found.

While in a suspended state, Kennedy found herself having out-of-body experiences where she eavesdropped on conversations and met ghosts. When she was thawed and treated in 1991, she reported her experiences to her doctors. After tests that proved her words true, company founders Bob Jackson and Anne Del Greco turned their interests to projecting. In essence, Kennedy became the first sleeper.

Her assets, meanwhile, had been invested back into the company. When she returned to life, she found herself a major stockholder and board member, as did many other clients who had undergone freezing and subsequent treatment. She became a loyal supporter of the company, helping hire new CEO Jack Tilton and using her fame to promote the new technology.

It is believed that she did not leave her ability to project behind. Some Orpheus personnel suspect she gained the ability to spontaneously project, and has done so at least once. It is not known how much of a skimmer she has become.

Like many of the board members, Kennedy disappeared after NextWorld raided and destroyed the company. Her current whereabouts are a mystery.

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