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James Kiker is a Pentex executive, and was part of its Board of Directors.


Kiker is a rich South African businessman in his late 70s. He's a slightly overweight man, and completely bald. He was a long-time supporter of his government's efforts to suppress the people of his country. The Urge Wyrm of Hatred was drawn to him and it gave him even more wealth and power. Still, because of his lack of success, he eventually became disillusioned with crushing the human spirit in South Africa and turned his interests to the United States.

He found the people more receptive to suggestion, since they lived in what they believed to be freedom. He founded a television network and began sending subliminal signals which reduced the free will of those who watched and made them less environmentally concerned. When the Pentex Board of Directors learned of his ingenuity and evil, they invited him to sit as a member.

In recent decades, several Directors have fallen to internal struggles and external athreats. Donald Gauntley, Elliot Meiche, Robert Allred, Frederick Kromrich, Enzo Giovanni, Danforth Stern, and James Kiker himself are no longer part of the Board or the company. werewolf killed some; others found themselves fatally ousted, while a few disappeared entirely.