James Booth is nova who is better known by the name he uses among the Teragen: Geryon.


As the monstrous enforcer of the Teragen, Geryon can safely be ranked among the 10 most feared criminal novas in the world. His name is taken from Dante's Inferno - an appropriate source for this devil among novas. Apart from this, little is known about his origins; apparently he was recruited by an ally shortly after erupting. He is apparently a founding member of the Teragen, and his accent places him as British, but there's little else to tell.

Perhaps his only redeeming feature is his refusal to take the life of another nova. Although he has never fully explained the motive behind this, he seems unwilling to move to lethal combat with other novas. However, even this is a small mercy - he is perfectly willing to cripple other novas as a demonstration of power, as the tragic paralyzation of Harmony proves. Again, he has yet to explain this dichotomy between cruelty and mercy; then again, few people care to hear his reasons.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Geryon is exceptionally strong, durable and quick; all his physical abilities can probably be ranked as well into the superhuman. He has been recorded hurling riot-tanks well over the length of a city block and tearing apart reinforced concrete with his bare hands. His hide is highly resistant to damage, and he is apparently immune to most forms of small-arms fire.

What's more, Geryon has demonstrated some level of adaptive shape-shifting powers. Although he has never been recorded shifting his entire form, he has been known to spout gills and fins for easier swimming or shifting his legs into digitigrades form for immensely heightened quadrupedal running speed.

Geryon's personal fighting skills also know few equals. He is apparently unwilling to rely purely on his natural superhuman strengths has developed a highly acrobatic, devastating style of personal combat. He has been known to hold his own against four novas at once without falling completely on the defensive.

Directly or Indirectly Referenced PowersEdit

There is no character sheet for Geryon. These are the known or implied powers.


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