Birth Name: Jake Stefokowski
Chosen Name: Danger Ace / Ace Danger - Aberrant Hunter
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 1905
Date of Empowerment: July 21, 1922
Place of Origin: United States
Occupation: Barn Storming
Default Association: Æon Society for Gentlemen
Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Children: Unknown


Jake Stefowski may be the greatest pilot of the Trinity Universe. A pilot since his 12th year of life, Jake was known as Danger Ace in the news reports of Adventure! and was one of the prominent members of the Æon Society for Gentlemen.

During the late Aberrant era and presumably the Aberrant War he came to prominence as the legendary Jake Danger - Aberrant Hunter. (Of course if he actually was alive he would have been very old and grizzled. In 2049 he would be 144 years old!)

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Jake Stefowski is a Daredevil.

Character SheetEdit