Lady Jadviga Almanov was one of the main conspirators in the coup led by the Giovanni against the Cappadocians. She was a heavyset woman with dark red hair who always dressed in long black gowns.


She was a stern rival of Hardestadt and his ideal of the Camarilla, instead believing in the old ways where every vampire was his own lord and answered to no one. She had strong ties with the Giovanni bloodline of the Cappadocians and became one of the heads of the Conspiracy of Isaac alongside Claudius Giovanni, proposing the betrayal of the Cappadocians even to the higher echelons of her Clan.

Her elders approved, believing that this would strengthen the ties with the Giovanni and leaving them indebted to the Ventrue, in the same time authorizing Hardestadt to thwart her scheme, so the Ventrue could win regardless of the outcome. She knew not, however, of the Giovanni's aspirations of usurping the place of the Clan of Death.

Jadviga respected power wielded with authority, and felt that she had both the skill and temerity to rise to a position of true leadership among her clan. As her involvement with the Conspiracy of Isaac shows, she was more than willing to take risks to achieve her goals, (showing little respect for others not willing to do the same).


It is unlikely that she survived into the modern nights, given her dislike for the Masquerade and her enmity with Hardestadt.


Character's appearance probably based on Raphael's Portrait of Maddalena Doni.

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