Jade Emperor, or Yu-Huang-Shang-Ti, is a powerful spirit who has mastery over the cosmos, one of the facets of the Weaver.


According to Stargazers mythology, the Jade Emperor grew with the First Age of the Wheel of Ages where he was called Master of Ten Thousand Things. It was his magic that made the Wheel turn for the first time when he demanded another to balance him, and so with the coming of the Second Age was born his beautiful bride called T'ai-Shen, creator of the world itself. After Caine committed the first murder, the Wheel turned again, but this time slightly off of its axis. With the coming of the Third Age the dragon Kung-Kung was born, and became the King of Darkness, the Jade Emperor's bitter rival.

T'ai-Shen herself was a constant target of the King of Darkness, so much so, that the Emperor announced that the one who could slay the serpent could marry his bride instead of himself. A wolf called Pan Gu took upon himself the task that all else had declined and, with great cunning, managed to bite off the serpent's head while it was asleep. Upon his return, the Jade Emperor then gave Pan Gu the ability to change forms so he could marry T'ai-Shen, but the noble wolf declared he was not worthy of marrying the great spirit who lent life to the ground and molded all thing from the magical clay. He asked to guard her and protect her instead, thus becoming the first Stargazer.


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