Jackal Fever is a deadly epidemic that has also the capability of infecting Fera. It originates in Cairo and is of supernatural origin.


Jackal Fever first appeared in 1988 and was (seemingly) confined in 1999, with a possible vaccination having been found by mundane scientists. As far as they know, the illness is carried and contracted by mammals through the transfer of bodily fluids, common occurring through saliva during a bite. In the early stages, Jackal Fever identifies itself through sweating, blurred vision, agues and abdominal pains. After one week of infection, the victim suffers delusions of being followed and is short of breath. After ten days, the victim will become highly aggressive, as well as yearning for flesh, leading it to feast on carrion. If the carrion also carries the infection, the victim usually dies after two days. If the infected can resist the urge to feed on flesh, the disease will pass after two to three additional weeks, leaving the patient immune against the illness.

Fera suffer as well from Jackal Fever, but at an accelerated rate. Not even the Ratkin are immune to it and all who have contracted the disease will register as slightly Wyrm-tainted. The local Bone Gnawers have fallen prey to the disease, nearly all joining the Maneater Camp under Meat Pudding to sate their cravings. Meanwhile, the Bubasti Sashet tries to catalogue the disease into the cyclic appearance of epidemics in Cairo that are seemingly linked to a figure referred to as the Maiden of Plagues.


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