Jack Dawson




19th century






Baron Samedi


Jack Dawson is a Samedi vampire who was once affiliated with Joe "Boot" Hill and his Boot Hill Gang in the Savage West.


Jack Dawson fell in love with his white neighbor's daughter. But being half-black and half-Indian, this upset the girl's father and so he arranged for Jack to be murdered. Jack was left to die in a field when Baron Samedi found him and offered him the Embrace. Jack accepted and he became a Samedi vampire. Jack stayed with the Baron for several weeks, so the Baron could teach Jack how to speak with and control the dead. Jack also learned how to hide his decaying from behind illusions and how to be patient. Soon afterward Jack got his revenge against his murderers and the Baron went on his own separate way.

It was not long before Jack joined the Boot Hill gang. While Jack does not follow the beliefs of the Sabbat, he does consider Joe "Boot" Hill to be his good friend.

In his natural form Jack looks like a mummified corpse with long dark, curly hair.  Most of the time he looks like a young, handsome Mexican with slightly darker skin and brilliantly white teeth. He is never seen without his pistols in easy reach and a rifle slung across his back. Jack is always wearing a pleasant smile, even when he is killing someone.

Dawson remained a friend and confidant to Hill well into the modern nights, long after the Boot Hill Gang broke up. While Hill went on to become a Black Hand Dominion, Dawson honed his necromantic talents, becoming something of an avenger of the dead – a calling that earned him the enmity of no few Sabbat vampires.

The two were brought back together during an affair in which the Giovanni don of Las Vegas, Michael Giovanni, hired Dawson as part of a plan to harness and enslave a storm of ghosts. Realizing the danger posed by Giovanni's wraith-storm, the two vampires turned against him, receiving the unlikely aid of a pair of Garou and a Marauder mage.

In the end, Giovanni was destroyed when the storm – now calling itself Legion after having developed a collective intelligence – turned on its would-be master and destroyed him, along with his entire casino. Hill and Dawson renewed their friendship, with Dawson offering to train Hill in the art of Necromancy under the condition that they did so in the neutral ground of Las Vegas, well out of reach of Dawson's enemies in the Sabbat.