JDG Cryogenics (short for Jackson-Del Greco) was the name of a cryonics firm that offered a chance for people with terminal diseases to be cured. It was founded in 1986 by Anne Del Greco and Bob Jackson, two visionaries who believed that cures for several major diseases and disorders were right around the corner, and that they could successfully freeze and revive those awaiting these cures who might not live otherwise. While their ideas were viable, neither had enough capital to start the project. Jane Kennedy, a wealthy woman suffering from a number of incurable tumors, heard of their efforts and offered her financial backing. Del Greco and Jackson quit their day jobs and began the research in earnest.

Eventually, they managed to create a viable means of successfully freezing and reviving a human for treatment. Their first client was their financial backer. Kennedy was placed in cryonic suspension, followed by several other wealthy clients, including George Oliver.

Five years later, medical science had progressed to the point that the tumors Kennedy suffered from could be treated successfully. Kennedy was summarily thawed out and treated. While she had been frozen, her assets had been invested back into the company under an agreement with JDG, and when she came back to life, she found she owned a quarter of the company.

She also brought some intriguing information to Del Greco and Jackson's attention. She reported on at least three occasions while in suspension she had somehow left her body and observed what was going on around her. She also mentioned conversing with ghosts and witnessed conversations going on in what was thought to be "secure" areas. When she was able to prove the information she overheard was in fact correct and could not have been known unless she was present, the two company owners realized they were sitting on an Earth-shattering breakthrough.

At this point, several other clients, including Oliver, had been successfully revived and treated, and like Kennedy owned substantial shares of the company; in fact, combined they held more than the company's founders. What's more, many of them reported undergoing experiences similar to Kennedy's. Kennedy convinced them that JDG should investigate further into the "astral projection" that they had undergone, and the history (and money) they would make if it proved to be viable. The group agreed, and shortly thereafter, the company was renamed and reformed into the Orpheus Group.