The Ivory Tower is a Methodology of the New World Order which oversees education and administration.

The Ivory Tower specializes in Mind.

History Edit

As with the rest of the Convention, The Ivory Tower's history ostensibly only goes back to the formation of the Technocratic Union under Queen Victoria. The distant descendants of the Cabal of Pure Thought and the Ksirafai were already in the universities, however, and in the reorganization, they stayed there, only changing their purpose in minor ways. As new ways of controlling and disseminating information have arisen, the Methodology has grown with them and incorporated their methods into the system.


The purpose of the Ivory Tower is fivefold. They teach new recruits of the Technocratic Union the accepted worldview, operate in mortal universities to make sure they conform to the party line, run the bureaucratic structure of the Union itself, and protect it from invaders and infiltrators. Furthermore, they are in charge of the process of Social Conditioning and often act as talent scouts in universities.

The academic range of the different Collegia stretches from the venerable subject of history to newer fields of study like Gender Studies. The Ivory Tower consists of 30 different Collegiums who collectively form a think tank that guides the policy of the Union. Some believe that certain subjects, like psychology, were supported and disseminated by agents of the Ivory Tower.

The Ivory Tower is a place of academic freedom and expression, in contrast to several other Methodologies in the Union. Since the Dimensional Anomaly, the Ivory Tower also acts as the official Administration of remaining Technocrats on earth. The Tower has been investing a lot of money and time in expanding the integration of its bureaucracy deeper into the other Conventions’ infrastructure. The Tower claims that it is doing so to relieve its peers of the burden and responsibility of mundane clerical work. Other Conventions see this as an unwanted intrusion into their own hierarchies.


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