Ithuriel was a 5th generation Warrior Caste Salubri, a direct childe of Samiel.


He and his fellows were praised by Saulot for maintaining the warrior's legacy of the Salubri clan. However, Ithuriel is not mentioned by Nuriel as one of five ancient vampires from whom all Salubri warriors are descended, despite giving origin to the Warrior Hillel and his progeny.


According to Nuriel, the five Salubri progenitors of the Warrior Caste were Uriel, Za'aphiel, Ezrael, Aariel, and Gabriel. However, the story of Qawiyya el-Ghaduba contradicts Nuriel's tale. It could be possible that the five mentioned in Nuriel's account were the eldest childer of Samiel, and that Ithuriel and Qawiyya were Embraced after the formal founding of the caste.


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