Iteration 42 is a Nervosa.

Overview Edit

Forged by a paranoid Unseelie nocker in the Duchy of the Golden Sigil, Iteration 42 was intended to be front-line security for its creator’s chimerical laboratory, a golem that could patrol the lab, recognize threats, and prevent incursions from the nocker’s jealous rivals. Something went wrong in the process. Iteration 42 spontaneously developed self-awareness, escaped its creator’s control, and disappeared into the duchy's labyrinthine, nightmarish sewer system.

Iteration 42 has never been found, though rumors abound of his continued existence. Urban spelunkers seeking Treasures and chimerical craft materials in the sewers occasionally bring back tales of strange lights and weird, mechanical noises deep in the tunnels and waterways, and underground freeholds have reported infrequent thefts of supplies, dross, and chimerical materials.

Iteration 42 prefers to be called “Phil.” His lair is hidden in the sewers beneath Manhattan, which he has gradually turned into a working smithy and mechanics depot. Though his body started as a crude frame with basic features, he has since upgraded to shining chimerical steel and formidable weaponry from scavenged parts. He is unpredictable and just as paranoid as his creator, though he can be sociable. He quickly assesses the threat potential of any motley intruding on his domain and deals with them as he sees fit. Even those he leaves alive may find themselves relieved of any Treasures or chimerical items they carry.

Phil is not only an intimidating opponent, he also employs lesser chimera as additional layers of protection around his lair. Sewer gators and smaller golems patrol the boundaries of his domain, and traps hide in the walls and floors leading to his personal laboratory. Though most suspect him to be the only sentient chimera in the area, there has been some question as to what happened to Iterations 1 through 41.

References Edit

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