Isthemene was an Ahroun member of the Medusae - the first Black Fury pack, and is now a Totem of War.


She was described as the youngest and most beautiful of the pack, who wielded a labrys of pure silver.

Totem Overview

Isthmene the Axe-Maiden is the youngest and most beautiful of the Gorgons; she is also, being the Ahroun of the Five Daughters, the fiercest in battle. She wields a labrys of pure silver, and encourages her daughters to wield a labrys as their primary weapon. Despite her kindly appearance, Isthmene brooked no insult or back-talk from any man while she walked the Realm, and she does not handle rebukes from her older sisters much better. Garou legends have it that whole forests were felled in ancient days as Isthmene worked off her Rage at her older sisters’ condescending ways.

  • Background Cost: 5

Traits & Ban


Each member of Isthmene’s packs receives one temporary Glory Renown, +2 dice to their Melee pools when wielding a labrys, and +1 Rage. They cannot enter fox frenzies; when they do frenzy, it is always a berserk frenzy.


Isthmene’s daughters will not tolerate any abuse from a male of any species, and they pay back such abuse in disproportionate fashion: insults are repaid with bruises; bruises with claw and fang.


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