Isabella Correlli is a 6th generation Brujah resident of Berlin.


Isabella Correlli is a powerful Brujah that came to Berlin in the beginning of the 20th century. She was described by her childe as a dark haired beauty with a mind and will of her own, who listened to his impassioned speeches. It is said that Isabella found herself enraptured by her future childe's energy and enthusiasm, and that the pair stayed together until the Germans invaded Poland in 1939, when she (apparently) returned to Italy.

Unknown to most, however, she rests in torpor under the statue of Mother Homeland located in the city's Memorial Park after being severely injured during the bombing of Berlin in World War II. The majestic 50 tons statue of a woman under which she lie, is carved from a single piece of granite that represents a sign of glories passing from their world to the visiting Brujah.

Isabella does not have much effect on what occurs above her, save through a small amount of control over her progeny. She has enough influence over Dieter Kotlar to remind him of his heritage when he is being swayed by Heinrich Himmler. So far it has been enough to keep him from joining the Sabbat.


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