Name: Irraka
Plural: Irraka
Pronunciation: ir-rah-kah
Nicknames: Stalker
Auspice: New Moon
Renown: Cunning
Gifts: Evasion, New Moon, Stealth
Ability: Pathfinder's Sense
Specialties: Larceny, Stealth, Subterfuge

The Irraka are masters of stealth and tracking among the Forsaken. These masters of stealth serve several roles within a pack.

First, Irraka are especially sensitive to the presence of Loci. They can sense them at greater distance and with greater accuracy than other Forsaken. This ability allows packs to seek out places where spirits may cross from the Hisil into the physical realm.

Additionally, the Irraka have access to gifts which allow them to hide in plain sight.

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