The Iron Reliquary is the official symbol of office of an Inquisitor.


Every reliquary is presented to an Inquisitor upon her appointment. It looks much like the traditional Sword of Caine symbol, but is modified into something more like a real sword's proportions, so that it can be held and brandished like one. It is forged of blackest iron, generally by an elder Tzimisce priest . Small, precious items of Noddist interest - anything from the fangs of famous Sabbat martyrs to "fragments of the Black Basalt Throne" - are embedded into the hilt, thus the name.

Faithful Sabbat regard the Iron Reliquary as a holy object, imbued with the collective spirit of the struggling Cainite race. The Reliquary is used for the formal accusing of a heretic, as well as ordeals to determine a victim's innocence. It also serves to identify an Inquisitor and some extreme devout Noddists are known to channel True Faith through it against the enemies and traitors of Caine.


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