The Iron Paladins are a secret order within House Gwydion of Sidhe who have allowed themselves to fall into their Unseelie Legacies.

Overview Edit

There is rot beneath the Griffon's wings. No one is sure when the Iron Paladins first gathered but they have become a secret force within the House. Though they at first glance appear to retain the honor of the House, they violate the Escheat and the code of chivalry with their lack of mercy. Their enemies remain those of the whole House and each knight still considers him or herself a Gwydion first and foremost, warring against the Unseelie houses as always, but their methods have changed; becoming dark and reprehensible to the rest of the House.

They announce their own presence to each other by wearing a grey token.

Quote Edit

Mercy is a trait unasked for and unwelcome. Why are we to tolerate a foe for more than a battle, if given the opportunity to end his crimes once and for all? We wear our grey tokens with pride and welcome the opportunity to do the work that so few of our house-brethren are willing to take on themselves.

  • Sir Tagamarch Ebonnails, Iron Paladin

References Edit

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