The Iron Brigade, a society of kithain, is the honor guard and soldiery of Duke Toren na Gulon.

Overview Edit

Iron Brigade

This gang of mostly Redcaps and Trolls is named after their iron-tipped spears and iron-shod boots. The Duke has disciplined this rowdy bunch into a tightly-knit group of effective warriors. It goes without saying that the whole bunch of them are Unseelie in the worst way. When they prowl the roads their feet make a nasty song, warning others to hide. Of course, being who they are, they aren't the brightest bulbs in the box, nor are they particularly stealthy. They can fight without rest, though, and never seem to tire or give up. Rumors say they did terrible things during the Accordance War, such as murdering Sidhe prisoners. The best way to escape them is to outrun them or trick them. Every year the Duke has a recruitment fair to find replacements for the Brigade. He takes the biggest, meanest, and strongest commoners he can find and enjoys weeding out slack recruits and spies. Like their master, the Brigade is considered extremely dangerous and outlaw. Avoid them at all costs.

References Edit

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