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ISRA, the Interplanetary School of Research and Advancement, is one of eight Psi Orders in the Trinity era. As with the other psi orders, ISRA was founded in 2103 by one of the eight proxies — in this case, Proxy Otha Herzog.

Members of ISRA are often referred to as clairsentients (after their Aptitude), seers (due to their ability to see into the future), clears (slang for clairsentient), or eyes (for their ability to see the unseen).

The A/O's home geographical area is Luna, which is also the location of their official headquarters, Olympus Base. The Order's Prometheus Chamber is located on Herzog's own personal orbital satellite, Huruf al-Hayy, and triggers latents to the clairsentience Aptitude.


Early Years

Recent History

The Future


The ISRA have little in the way of internal organization. What organization they have is informal at best — even Otha Herzog considers himself equal to all others, although certainly more gifted. He doesn't give orders so much as suggestions, which others still follow. Experienced ISRAns (or even those who prove themselves very competent) are referred to as Mashriqi, and unofficially govern various aspects of the operation of the order. These groups, and their Mashriqi, are:

  • Al Alif (Mashriq: Abbas Kastami)
  • Ductrans (Mashriq: Varuni Venkatesan)
  • Joycean ISRA (Mashriq: Philip Vaughn Williams)
  • The Qadiyya (No Mashriq)
  • The Sharifiyya (Mashriq: Princess Lila Faoud)

Herzog believes in Baha'ism, and many of his followers have adopted it as their religion as well. To Herzog's eternal dismay, there's a significant portion of ISRA who subscribe to Messianic Baha'i, the belief that Otha himself is some sort of messiah.

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