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Integrity is a way to measure the psychic condition of a person as detailed in the revised rules of the Chronicles of Darkness. Integrity builds upon the Morality system as detailed in the Core book, but expands it.

Integrity shows how well a person handles traumatic experiences and copes with what he has seen or done.


A character stands to lose Integrity when she experiences a breaking point. The notion of breaking points replaces the notion of “sins” and therefore removes the need for a “hierarchy of sins.” If the action would cause a character psychological stress, it’s worth considering whether the action constitutes a breaking point. Note, too, that the character may experience breaking points that do not stem from his own actions. Witnessing the gruesome realities of the World of Darkness, supernatural or otherwise, can do it.

When a character performs certain actions or endures certain experiences, he might reach a breaking point. A breaking point simply means that what a character has done or seen has outstripped his ability to rationalize or handle it. Breaking points vary from person to person, but usually involve violation of one's own behavioral code, experiencing something traumatic or direct exposure to the supernatural forces that work behind the scenes of the World of Darkness.

When a character experiences a breaking point, the player rolls Resolve + Composure with a modifier based on the character’s Integrity rating. Failures represent the shock experienced by the character and his inability to cope with the situation, often resulting in derangement conditions.