The Insect Races were a primordial race of Fera featured in Ananasi legends.


In contrast to later Fera, the Insect Races were not created by Gaia, but by the Weaver. While the Weaver claimed that the Insect Races were a gift for Gaia, in a similar manner to the Rokea from the Wyld, she secretly desired them as servants that would bring Order to Chaos. All of her children agreed, save one, whom the Weaver destroyed, marking her descent to madness that led to the Severing. It was this event that would inspire Ananasa to create her progeny.

The Ananasi later exterminated the Insect Races in the Insect Wars, a secret genocide that took place long before human history. According to their stories, the Insect Shifters were much like the Ananasi in mentality, only more focused and distant from early vertebrates.


The Insects that the Weaver chose were:

  • Bees
  • Hornets
  • Ants
  • Termites
  • Locusts

For a brief moment, Moths were also among the Insect Races, but they defied their creator and paid the price.


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