For the organization within the Sabbat, see Sabbat Inquisition.

The Inquisition is an organization within the Roman Catholic Church tasked to rid the world of evil and heresy in all its forms in the name of God.

Followers of the Inquisition are referred to as "inquisitors" and are generally mortal, though there are exceptions (naturally no such exceptions have been acknowledged by the Inquisition).


The Shadow InquisitionEdit

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Founded before the official beginning of the Burning Times, the Shadow Inquisition investigated into the nature of supernatural evil and collected large amounts of information. Divided into several Orders brought together by papal decree, the Shadow Inquisition lasted until the formation of the official Inquisition, at which point it was dissolved and the various orders either joined and were reorganized, seceded or were even hunted themselves.

The First InquisitionEdit

Active during what is commonly referred as the Burning Times, the first Inquisition raged throughout Europe and forced the various supernaturals into hiding. Not all inquisitors of that time knew they were up against supernatural beings and several innocents burned along with monsters.

Remnants of this Inquisition survived in the form of the Society of Leopold into the Final Nights.

The Second InquisitionEdit

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A phenomenon of the 21st century, the Second Inquisition is a union of intelligence services with the remaining witch-hunters of the Vatican that has managed to drive the great sects into the defensive, destroyed the headquarter of Clan Tremere and has become one of the greatest threats to the supernatural.


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