Name: Innocent
Virtue: Mercy

Other Creeds react to the supernatural with some sort of confrontation, violent, verbal, or intellectual. Innocents meet the otherworldly with curiosity and at least some degree of optimism. Unlike Redeemers, the Creed closest to them in outlook, they don't see "monsters" as unfortunates that need healing, but rather enigmas that need dialogue and understanding. The understandings they eventually develop differ wildly; some condone the killing of dangerous or manipulative monsters, others condemn all forms of killing, and may go so far as to actively undermine the efforts of other Hunters. Whatever their conclusions, Innocents are united by at least a spark of faith in the goodness, or potential goodness, of both monsters and mankind.

Many Innocent Edges, such as Hide, Fool's Luck, and Confront, help them observe and relate to supernaturals safely. They also possess an observation Edge, Illuminate, which reveals auras around supernaturals to both the Innocent and to other Hunters, with the downside of revealing the Innocent to the supernaturals. This skill set suggests two possibilities of the role of Innocents in the Hunter 'army,' either as spies meant to infiltrate and study the supernaturals and then choose the targets, or else as diplomats meant to make peace and foster trust between Hunters and worthy supernaturals.

The special ability that Innocents have is to create charms. In order to create a charm the Innocent must have a strong connection with the person they are creating the charm for, the item used for the charm must have some meaning for both parties, and the person can't be a hunter or supernatural. The charm gives the bearer certain abilities to protect them from the supernatural.

The signature Innocent character is Bookworm55, aka Jake Washington, a studious young black man who defines the main categories of supernaturals, and provides information on all of them, in a post to hunter-net called "The Enemy," after a vampire he'd been in conversation with paralyzed him from the waist down. Later, Bookworm regretted providing information that helped more violent Hunters find, identify and kill supernaturals; he started the Vitalis list, the online Innocent community, and reaffirmed his commitment to peaceful understanding with "the other side" after travelling with the extremist Visionary Fyodor.

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