The Inner Spinners are a Level 1 Treasure of the Sluagh.

Overview Edit

Inner Spinners

Creepy, crawly, dark, and dank, the Inner Spinners are instruments of revenge and torture. In essence they are tiny, chimerical arachnids done up in black lacquer and clockwork. When placed in the house or sleeping quarters of their intended victim, they go to work. Once the target is safely dozing, the Spinners scuttle over them and proceed to crawl into their ears, nose, and nostrils. There they spin chimerical webs so thick and sticky that the target may suffocate, choke, or go temporarily deaf. More than one changeling has gone mad after awakening to discover they had a mouth full of spiders.

All that is required to activate a set of these mini-monstrosities is a single hair belonging to the intended target, which must be tied around the leg of the largest of the Spinners.

References Edit

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