Inguma Symbol
Name: Inguma
Nicknames: Outsiders
Fear: The Other

Inguma are one of the Families of Beasts, representing nightmares of the Other. They are the youngest Family, as their existence is tied to the growth of cities. They may not be overtly monstrous; the fear they represent is the fear of someone who doesn't quite fit in, who is not quite right. Their Horrors thus often look like a normal human but for one unsettling feature. More monstrous Inguma may have Horrors with blank faces, mirrored skin, or bizarrely distorted anatomy. Prior to their Devouring, nearly all Inguma experience the same sequence of nightmares in which they behold a ruined city -- and gradually realize that they are the ones who destroyed it. The uniformity of this narrative may be explained by the relative youth of the Family. [1]


Their primary Birthright lowers the threshhold for exceptional success on any rolls to infiltrate, bluff, or disguise themselves. [2] Alternate Birthrights for Inguma allow them to sent phantom messages to a chosen victim which vanish after being read, or to catch the attention of a target and then just as swiftly vanish from sight.[3]


Inguma feel particularly close to Prometheans, though they may have mixed feelings about the Pilgrimage--for Inguma, their distance from humanity is their power. They are similarly drawn to elder vampires who have become aloof from humanity while still being inextricably bound to it. Mages, Arisen, and mortal psychics are also likely candidates for Inguma kinship. [4]


Few Inguma even consider the Inheritance, and those who do are often intimidated by the requirements of Incarnation. Many Inguma end up seeking out the Divergence, or even the Erasure, as they are the family closest to humanity and thus most aware of what they've lost by becoming Beasts.[5]


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