Infrastructure is the vital component of the God-Machine, forming the skeleton for most, if not all, of its operations. Infrastructures are the physical means, an arrangement of materials and manpower, by which the God-Machine manipulates the laws of physics to form an occult matrix that generates the desired Output. Each piece of Infrastructure serves a specific purpose and is in itself a part of a more complex piece of Infrastructure; angels often play a critical part in these.

Naturally, Infrastructures are not invincible. Although often protected or guided by angels, it is possible, even for ordinary mortals, to attack or destroy Infrastructures. Each Infrastructure has a weak spot known as a Linchpin that makes it vulnerable to outside attacks. Demons are even known to hijack Infrastructure and turn it against their Creator.

Types of InfrastructureEdit

Infrastructures are divided after their purpose in the greater plans of the cogs. Each project can have multiple Infrastructures and most do.

  • Concealment : means to hide an operation from outsiders. Some Concealment Infrastructures are mundane, like a fake restaurant to keep mortals from exploring the basement; others are supernatural, which likely explains why so few beings have a clue of the existence of the Machine
  • Defense : means to protect an operation once it has been discovered. Again, the means of protection can vary: Sometimes, it is an ambush set up by the resident gang that have been informed by an anonymous source;, at other times, it is a Destroyer Angel equipped with a flaming sword.
  • Logistics : means to locate, collect, and transport the equipment necessary for generating Output. Depending on the operation, these Infrastructures can vary a great deal, from ordinary metal gears to an ancient relic of a forgotten civilization.
  • Elimination : means to eliminate all evidence once the desired result is achieved. The method of elimination can be as crude as acts of arson or demolitions or as subtle as a loyal wizard or spirit that causes the entire town to forget.
  • Command and Control, the central unit that directs the operation and coordinates the various factors that eventually lead to the creation of the matrix. A Command and Control Infrastructure has never been observed, but there are rumors among the Unchained that by altering one of these Infrastructures, the plans of the God-Machine can be severely set back.


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